Throwing in the Towel

That’s right, friends. I’m not abandoning my reading challenge, which is finally–according to Goodreads–back on schedule, but I am abandoning this blog. While I feel pretty lame about this, I also feel liberated! I’ve enjoyed some of the thinking and writing I’ve done for this blog, but I’ve also realized that publishing online reviews is… Read More Throwing in the Towel

Unreliable Narrators & Impostor Syndrome: A Sort-of Book Review

The Story of a New Name, the second book of the Neapolitan series, follows Elena and Lila into their twenties as they begin to face the consequences of the decisions they made–or that were made for them–as children. They continue to jockey for success by seeking power in education, neighborhood politics, and sex. Their primacy becomes muddled but… Read More Unreliable Narrators & Impostor Syndrome: A Sort-of Book Review

Book Review: My Brilliant Friend

Over the holiday break I finally cracked and decided to read Italian writer Elena Ferrante’s much-praised My Brilliant Friend. One of my biggest reading flaws is a well-founded but poorly applied aversion to hype, and I had been both concerned and confused by all the attention Ferrante’s Neapolitan series had been receiving. Her translated quartet of realistic novels about two… Read More Book Review: My Brilliant Friend