We Should All Be Feminists, Obviously


This Adichie short (only 64 pages!) is adapted from another of her TED talks, a TEDxEuston lecture also titled “We Should All Be Feminists.” It might as well be called “Fire is Hot” or “Beyonce is a National Treasure” because OBVIOUSLY DUH we should all be feminists! The short is well-written and personal but its core message is mind-bogglingly simple: feminism is not a four-letter word. This is no fault of the book, but even 64 pages is far more than we should need to get that message across in 2016. Of course, judging by the comments on Adichie’s TED video alone, we still do, but this is feminism 101 so there’s not much here for readers who already know that supporting gender equality does not mean hating men or wanting to be one beyond a little insight into the author’s feminist journey and a lot of vigorous head nodding.

Overall recommendation: Spin through this in a quick hour if you want to dredge up bewildered feelings, or give it to the men’s rights activist in your life!

Overall rating: 6 out of 10 big fat duhs

Books read: 6 out of 50, 1 behind schedule. Next up is Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father, which Americanah sold me on.

Speaking of feminism, Women’s History Month is a few days away and I am planning to spend it advancing my feminism beyond the destruction of bra-burning, man-hating straw women. I need your help, smart readers who have maybe taken gender studies classes. What should I read to get started? Help me build an introductory feminist reading list by recommending your favorite books here, and I’ll publish the list at the beginning of next month.





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