A New Hope

At the end of another year, I find myself again short of my Goodreads reading goal by an embarrassingly large margin. Thrice I have tried, and thrice failed, to read 50 new books a year, the minimum required to maintain any cred as an English major and publishing pro. Though a powerful motivator, this shame is no match for the collective and anonymous scorn of the internet, so for 2016 I’ve decided to take my struggle public and start this blog to hold myself to my reading goals and document my sure to be gloriously successful journey from fallen bookworm to bonafide bibliophile.

What’s in it for you, dear reader? A quick and quirky book review a week, for one. The kind of book reviews I’d like to read: short and to the point, tailored to my idiosyncratic (but hopefully still relatable) criteria, covering a broad range of titles and genres, and answering important questions like “Is this pretentious bullshit?” and “What happens to the cat/dog?”

News and book-related goodies from across the internet and from my own dang brain, for another. This includes properly linked and credited articles and stories from some of my favorite book resources (my $0 in startup money won’t cover expensive litigation), publishing industry insights, tips on hot titles, and hacks for things like getting free books.

And finally: opportunities to tell me what to do! I’m determined to read not just more, but also better, so I’ll be asking for your input on what I should read next via regular opinion polls. Look for the first of these soon.

You might be getting the raw end of this deal, but let’s go ahead and find out. 50 books, here we go!

To see what I’ve already read and am reading, become my friend on Goodreads.

Looking forward to reading with you soon,













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